Scholarships for Hispanic Students with a GED

Nowadays, Hispanics outnumber the amount of African Americans in the United States by far, but more alarming is the fact that there are fewer Hispanics who are going to college than African-Americans. But let’s take a look at some scholarships for Hispanic students with a GED.

You can find a huge number of Hispanic Americans that are not getting the education and learning they ought to get when you compare this to other minority groups. Regrettably, many people and organizations state that financial obstacles are the most important reason for the fact that so many Hispanics are undereducated!

41% of Hispanics ages 20 and older in the US don’t have a high school diploma and only 1-in-10 Hispanic high school dropout has a General Educational Development (GED) credential.

Also, the GED Credential is needed if Hispanics want to take advantage of many scholarships available to this group. So here is a list of latest free resources (no fee, no registration) for GED preparation:

Recent research and statistics have demonstrated that Hispanics don’t have as much access to grants and scholarships excluding them from all the benefits these great programs offer. This is the main reason they often do not receive the education they so deeply desire.

You can find, however, quite a few scholarship grants for students from the Hispanic origin in the state of Florida. Florida is actually one of the greatest states for Hispanics to benefit from scholarship programs. And this concerns grants at the federal and state levels, but at private levels as well. Students of Hispanic origin from low-income families can be eligible for a federal scholarship that will deal with the cost of tuition and various other expenses and will help them to make it through college.

Hispanic students who are majoring in the healthcare sector can benefit from the Hispanic Nurses Association scholarship and from the Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students program as well. You can also find the Department of Health and Human Services and Bureau of Health Professions that provide scholarship grants for students of Hispanic origin. This sort of scholarships offers financial assistance to colleges and universities that are supporting students majoring in the field of healthcare.

Hispanic students in Florida should certainly look into the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute as well. This institute works with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and supports undereducated Hispanics and presents grants to students who encourage other Hispanic students to take the opportunity to return to college. The necessity for scholarship grants has expanded significantly because of the escalating amount of Hispanics in Florida.

Numerous companies and private institutions have lately established their headquarters in Florida, and these companies and institutions have developed scholarship programs for Hispanics because they will need to employ the students as soon as they graduate from college. Non-public Hispanic agencies additionally offer scholarship programs for persons of Hispanic heritage. You can also find a lot of private financing obtainable through philanthropic institutions located in Florida that have set aside scholarship money particularly for Hispanic students.

Furthermore, there are academic scholarship grants intended for graduating high school students, and for this sort of scholarship grants students are required to have a minimum GPA or grade point average to qualify for the program. These scholarship programs are quite difficult to qualify for due to huge competition from graduating students from all over Florida.

Probably the easiest scholarship programs to be eligible for, are the programs via the federal government. To qualify for these programs, you are required to be a legal US citizen, no less than 18 years old, and have a permanent address in the United States.

You can find a huge number of websites that inform Hispanic students in Florida about what kind of scholarship programs are available in the state of Florida. Several of these informative websites have a page as well where you are able to fill in an application for the scholarship grant you desire.
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