Scholarships for Hispanics

Hispanics, or Americans who are born in Latin regions, form a major section of the society in America. According to recent research, almost 90 percent of Hispanic youth in America want to study further and continue education. However, in reality, less than 50 percent of the total Hispanic youth actually get into university. But there are so many scholarships for Hispanics available!

The reasons for the discrepancy are many. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, language is a major barrier. Apart from this, Hispanic youth are more inclined towards supporting their families at the earliest and so, many of them drop out of school to lend a hand at home.

Cultural difference and incompatibility is another reason which causes 18 to 25-year-old students who wish to get a bachelor’s degree to hesitate and stay away from college. In order to encourage Hispanic students to continue education, several institutions, groups, and surroundings offer scholarships for minorities. Below given are some of the popular school scholarships available for Hispanics.

Walmart Scholarships

As the name indicates, this scholarship is offered by Walmart. The deadline for the scholarship varies yearly. Under this grant, Hispanics stand to obtain between $1,000 and $2,500 as scholarships. The conditions of eligibility are that the student should be a permanent resident of the US or a citizen of US, among others. This scholarship is provided in certain majors and regions only.

Google Hispanic College Fund Scholarship

Google offers scholarships for Hispanic students in certain streams of study related to computer science such as software engineering, computer engineering, and information technology. High school graduates are eligible for this scholarship. The amount awarded through this scholarship is $10,000 and can be a great help for the Hispanic Miami population.

NSHMBA Scholarships

Hispanic students aspiring to pursue MBA, either full time or part time, can opt for NSHMBA scholarship. Two kinds of scholarships are awarded by this society. The first kind of scholarship is the NSHMBA Foundation Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships to students to pursue an MBA from an accredited university of their choice. The amount awarded depends on work experience, academic excellence, financial status, personal aspects such as goals and aspirations, letters of recommendation, community service, and NSHMBA ambassadorship.

The second kind of scholarship is University Partner Scholarship Program. Under this program, universities which are associated with the National Society of Hispanics MBA’s raise money to support Hispanic students who wish to pursue MBA. Students can apply to any one of the sixty associated universities. Academic excellence is the major criteria for eligibility of students. The amount varies depending on the university and the chosen MBA course.

Millennium Scholarship

Millennium scholarship is sponsored by Bill Gates Foundation and offers full funding for whatever amount is not covered by other kinds of aids. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is January. These scholarships are available for Hispanic students with a GPA score of 3.3 or more. Only first-time entrants to college are eligible for this scholarship. The eligibility for this scholarship is the same as eligibility for Federal Pell Grant. Another requirement is that the applicant should have strong leadership skills. A student needs to satisfy three requirements to get through this scholarship – firstly, the application of the student, secondly, evaluation by a teacher and thirdly, a letter of recommendation from a leader of the community. Any Hispanic permanent resident or citizen of United States is eligible for the Gates Millennium Scholarship.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (Haz La U Scholarship Program)

The Hispanic scholarship fund awards up to $15,000 in scholarships. Hispanic high school students can apply for this scholarship. It is eligible only for students who wish to pursue a four-year or two-year university degree in a recognized university. The requirements of the scholarship are a GPA score of 3.0 or higher, strong leadership skills, financial status, and personal skills. The deadline for this scholarship is December of every year. This is a great option for women pursuing an agricultural degree.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (College Scholarship Program)

Seniors graduating from high school, students from community colleges or community college transfers, undergrads and graduate Hispanic students are eligible for this scholarship. The amount varies between $1000 and $5000 depending on the eligibility and requirement of students. The requirements are US citizenship or permanent residency, Hispanic heritage, GPA 3.0, must be applying for graduation or under graduation for the first time and must pursue a full-time education in a two or four year course. Students can apply to universities in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. Another prerequisite is that the student must put in an application for federal financial aid.