How to Find the Best Community Colleges in Florida

For residents of Florida, the state’s community college system remains one of the most popular and affordable ways for students to begin their post-secondary school education. In fact, 66 percent of the state’s high school graduates in the Sunshine State begin their college careers at one of the 28 best community colleges in Florida. So let’s see how to find the best community colleges in Florida.

Why Community College?

Some may wonder just why so many Floridian students pick a community college to attend instead of applying to one of the many private schools that exist in the state. These days, of course, cost is a huge factor in the decision.

Even with the federal and state loans and scholarships that are available to lower-income students, the cost of a college education is still very high. By attending one of the best community colleges in Florida, students who maybe never thought they would be able to afford to go to college, get the chance to do so. There are also a large number of adult Floridians returning to school at the best community colleges in Florida to “re-tool” their career skills during this ongoing economic downturn.

Which are the Best Community Colleges in Florida?

There are 28 community colleges – with 64 campuses in total – dotted across the State of Florida and all of them would make great candidates for the title of Best Community College in Florida. The state community college system is one of the most flexible in the nation as the stated aim of the community college system in Florida is to give access to schooling to as many of state’s residents as possible, regardless of their economic status or their previous academic record. And in South Florida, there are also great opportunities to study Latino Entrepreneurial Journalism.

Achieving the Dream Program at the Best Community Colleges in Florida

Achieving the Dream (AtD) is a non-profit five-year national initiative to help more community college students succeed. The initiative is to a great extent aimed at certain student groups that traditionally have faced significant barriers to success, including minority and low-income students who may, by attending some of the best community colleges in Florida, become the first people in their family to pursue a college education of any kind. There are also great opportunities for Miami’s Hispanic student population.  

Four of the best community colleges in Florida are most involved in the AtD program although elements of it are found on all 64 community college campuses. The four designated AtD schools are Broward, Hillsborough, Tallahassee, and Valencia and to learn more about the special programs offered there prospective students can visit the official AtD website at

To learn more about the Florida community college system in general, including locating the right college in the area of the state you live in a visit to is a great place to start.