Numbers cannot talk, but they may tell you often just as much as human sources. But just like human sources, you need to ask! But what should you be introstatsasking a number? Well, that’s where statistics come in. Mathematicians have been developing an entire science, statistics, to come up with answers from numbers. Of curse you’re not required to hold an academic degree in statistics to conduct an ‘interview’ with data, but before you can be successful in doing so, there are a few basics you need to know.

Let’s check out an online tutorial for math-phobic journalists titled ‘Statistics Every Writer Should Know’ that was published for the first time in 1996 by a professional reporter who had also majored in a Northwestern University program called ‘Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences‘ (imagine to fit this on a job application), and who was thinking that using his math background might help a few of his fellow journalists become a little less afraid of statistics and numbers.

The online publication was attracting lots of attention, and through the years and the journalist has received numerous emails in which students thanked him for saving their asses on their final statistics exams. They were no precisely the audience that he aimed for, but he said he okay with helping anyone. Here are a few excerpts from his tips:

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2339It is not uncommon that news agencies require or request their journalists to use social media for the promotion of their work and to support the marketing efforts of the company’s brand. It happens often that journalists, editors, reporters, and columnists are maintaining several accounts on the various social media platforms to keep their personal lives separate from their professional ones.

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